History of Riverview Hop Farm
Afton, New York

 Riverview Hop Farm started as a result of a long-time desire to return to farming the land on which our family operated a dairy in the 1960ís.


In 2011 while researching different options, we were introduced to the idea of growing hops.We enjoy quality craft beers and home brewing, so growing hops seemed like a natural fit for us.After attending several informational meetings and seminars offered by the Northeast Hops Alliance, our first hop plants were put in the ground in the summer of 2012.Our commitment to hard work and sound growing practices will allow us to provide a quality product for brewers.


In addition to hops, we also grow squash, cucumbers and sweet corn on a parcel of land overlooking the Susquehanna River.


Thank you for taking the time to visit us.We will continue to post updates and photos as we progress in this exciting new venture.


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